Booking Policy

This policy applies to all hirers of PRACC


This policy identifies the principles that inform the hiring and utilisation of PRACC. The goal of this policy is to support community, arts, and cultural outcomes, optimal utilisation of PRACC, and the achievement of PRACC's strategic priorities.


This policy applies to all hirers of PRACC and serves as a guide for PRACC employees in venue utilisation.


All requests to hire PRACC's venues must be made through the official hire application process. PRACC will review each request based on the criteria outlined in this policy and will notify the hirer of their decision in a timely manner.

PRACC will manage the needs of various hirers, producers, presenters, community organisations and stakeholders to ensure a balanced mix of innovation, quality and accessible events are presented to audiences consistent with its Strategic Priorities.

All Hirers will acknowledge that PRACC is involved in programming and that cultural and arts activities, and activities that advance PRACC's Strategic Objectives, may take precedence over all other types of activities.

To ensure a clear and considered methodology of venue hire and meet the business and strategic priorities of the organisation, PRACC has developed a tiered approach to allocating of bookings and securing dates.

An opportunity to rebook will be provided to repeat hirers with best future dates available.

Requests for dates requires specific dates, a waitlist will not be kept generic (eg. day of week, month)

A maximum of five (5) prospective hirers will be held against one (1) future date until confirmed.



Type of Hirer / Usage 


Weight %

Date confirmation 

PRACC’s Programming and Projects 

Strategic Priorities



More than 18 months’ notice 

City of Whittlesea Events with Community in Attendance

Resident Companies



12-18 months in advance 

Annual Hirer of similar dates reoffered by PRACC




12 months in advance 

Hirers with established relationship

Located in the City of Whittlesea


12 months in advance 

Maximised venue utilisation and Centre revenue generation


Previous attendance and ticket sales


New Hirers to the Centre 

Located in the City of Whittlesea


12 months in advance 

Maximised venue utilisation and Centre revenue generation


Internal Hirer 



12 months in advance